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What our Customers are saying...

What a GREAT look for my pistol! I am VERY happy with the way it turned out. I was considering selling it before The 10-32 Company worked their magic, now it's out of the question! Thanks for the great work!
    - Steve L. (Owner of the S&W 469. Click to see pics.)
      Local Police Officer

With the horrible shape this weapon was in, I was resigned to having to spend precious department resources on purchasing a new shotgun. After consulting with Eric, I decided to let them try to salvage the weapon. I'm extremely pleased with the results. With the professional and durable results, we're able to stretch department dollars further. I highly recommend letting The 10-32 Company save you some time, money, and frustration.
    - Colonel Clifton Ware
      Chief of Police
      Country Club Hills, MO

My Glock was a retired, Department-issue duty gun. It had been used in the roughest, most extreme way possible for a gun...by a street-level cop! I think the refinish work done by The 10-32 Company brought it back to life. The no-nonsense finish gives me a weapon I can use! Thanks, guys.
    - Grant M.
      Local Police Officer

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